The Industrial Design of the SnoMixer Self-Service Dispensing System enables venues of all types and sizes to utilize this Revolutionary Concept to Maximize Profits. 100% Stainless Steel Construction insures the most Sanitary, Long Lasting, Hassle-Free Equipment in the Industry.SnoMixer is the First and Only Self-Service Snowcone / Shaved Ice Bag-In-Box Dispensing System in the Country.

Guests can Create up to 720 Flavor Combinations with only a 6 Flavor SnoMixer System. Six, Twelve, and Twenty-Four Base Flavor SnoMixer Systems Available. Some Events and/or Amusement Parks have increased per capita spending on their existing Snowcone / Shaved Ice Locations by over 600% after Introducing SnoMixer into their Facility!


  • Ready to Use
  • Freshest Taste
  • No Waste
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Labor Saver
  • Equipment Provided

Call it what you like! We have Snowcones, Shaved Ice, Hawaiian Ice or Snowballs at Shortline Caboose. We have revolutionized the Flavored Ice industry and we are ready to serve you.Shortline Caboose’s Bag-In-Box distribution system will increase your total revenue while reducing labor cost.