Our History

Since our beginning over a quarter century ago, Shortline Caboose has become a tradition for thousands of families from coast to coast. In an effort to find a way to provide for our family, and our desire to preserve history, Shortline Caboose frozen delights was born.

Originally operated in authentic fully renovated railroad cabooses parents and grandparents alike would bring their children from miles around just for the opportunity to enjoy a snowcone set back in time….With what seems to be snowcone / shaved ice stand on almost every corner today, and 99% of them all looking the same, Shortline Caboose not only becomes a location that is almost instantaneously noticed by people passing by, but because of its historical theme, it quickly becomes a landmark within the community! And one thing is for sure, kids may not always remember the name Shortline Caboose, but they never forget the caboose where they get snowcones.

Although Shortline Caboose longs to preserve the American heritage of the railroad caboose, and likes the memories of the early years of this country, Shortline is a very progressive company and has been an industry leader since its inception. Having multiple locations in several different states, we needed a way to have a

consistent product throughout all of our locations. Thus, we introduced the first snowcone /shaved ice bag-in-box dispensing system in the country.

With this system, we increased shelf life of the syrup, offered a fresher tasting product to our customers, reduced labor cost on both mixing the syrup and dispensing the syrup, and offered the cleanest, most sanitary snowcone / shaved ice company in the country. Shortline Caboose’s Bag-In-Box System increased efficiency so much, that we were commissioned by amusement parks all over the country to integrate our systems into their facilities. Currently we service more amusement parks with our bag-in-box snowcone, lemonade, and smoothie systems than any other snowcone / shaved ice company.

As the leader in the amusement industry, we have been presented numerous awards from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) for our innovative themes, designs, and systems. Of these, the highly coveted IMPACT AWARD, which is given to the company that is considered to have the largest impact on the amusement industry was presented to us during the 82nd Annual IAAPA Tradeshow in Atlanta, GA.