IAAPAShortline Caboose has been seen as a landmark in the community since the beginning. People who have experienced our unique method of service have been coming back for more. Our products have also received numerous awards throughout the years! Anywhere from amusement parks to tradeshows, Shortline Caboose has seen it all. We are ready to serve you!

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K. Michael Shelton,
Water World
“For many years we had been searching for a simpler, cleaner more cost effective way to prepare shaved ice in our park. when we were introduced to Syrup Systems, we were amazed at how many different operational issues we could solve by installing their shaved ice program.”
Lee W. Graham
Six Flags New England

“The cart has been averaging $2000.00 a day!”

“What a show. Guests line up and watch the machine make over a ton of snow a day.”

“…the cart reaches total efficiency!”

Gary Leonard
“This cart can go to any event on any level of the dome or can easily be transported to our outside events, such as the baseball stadium, football stadium or the coliseum.”

Water Town
“The introduction of your product and system in the outlet by our kiddy pool has helped to produce a 10 cent increase in per capita spending at that location. The ease of operation, clean-up, and the excellent level of service you have provided to all combine to make it not only enjoyable but also profitable to work with Syrup systems, Inc.”